Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bruce M: Hey, with this TENS unit, you'll be able to come up with some really spectacular dance routines.
 Bet B: if i turn it up to 10, that's a distinct possibility
 Bet B: oh!  wait!
 Bet B: i guess you meant my back won't hurt so much and i can do more.
 Bet B: i was taking that that if i turn it up all the way, it'll send electrical shocks through me that will make dance like a holy roller.
 Bruce M: That might be an option too.
 Bet B: if i'm out of ideas, it's certainly something to think about
Bruce M: I'd even pay to see it.
Bet B: even if a few 'praise jesus'es are thrown in because i'm shocked beyond control?
Bruce M: Sure!
Bruce M: That's show business.
Bet B: woo
Bet B: you know, i keep a lot of clorox on hand for the cleaning person.  i hope i don't get shocked in to drinking some.
Bruce M: Nah.
Bruce M: Although that might put a certain spin on your performance.
Bet B: well, the holy rollers seem to survive it.  however, whatever happens, there will be NO snakes.
Bruce M: Snakes are optional.
Bruce M: How about a badger with a bad rash?
Bet B: ehhh, not so much.  maybe a squirrel with the pink-eye.
Bruce M: Too subtle.
Bet B: a stray cat with the influenza?
Bruce M: Not subtle, boring.
Bet B: well, i cannnot find nor hold a badger.
Bet B: how about milo with milo's old complaint?
Bet B: that needs some divine intervention
Bruce M: Boring.
Bet B: a toddler with the whooping cough?
Bruce M: Boring.
Bet B: ok, if you can't accept a goat with a urinary tract infection, we're done.
Bruce M: Only if it butts you during the routine.
Bet B: how could it not - it's a goat
Bruce M: Okay. Then I'll settle for that.
Bet B: praise jesus